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Pol shift Imminent

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Earth changes by pole shift and pole "shift"

As already reported more often in ACADEMY INTEGRA (see below), we live in a transformation process by, inter alia, happened serious changes both in the cosmos, as well as on Earth.
In this context, the ZDF showed on 20. 01. 2011 in the program "Adventure Research" a very good film about the change of the magnetic field of the earth and the pole shift.
For all those who missed the film, which can make up for it here: "world upside down"
However, this film shows only a part of the transformation process can in this part of some important aspects and not sufficiently considered the important difference between geographic and magnetic north.
To know these aspects, however, we consider to be extremely important, so we want to add to this yet:
According to the film and the recent findings of science, we must anticipate the changes in the earth's magnetic field with the following effects:

Power grids collapse, so that the entire electrical infrastructure
thus radio, radio, television, Internet
Satellite falling out and thus the satellite navigation system
Pipelines are dangerous electrical conductors
More intensive radiation at the earth's surface and thus on the human
Increased cancer rates
Increased mutation rates
Increase the auroras, also in southern areas
NASA scientists say that the Earth's atmosphere could possibly be "scorched" (similar to Venus and Mars, both hardly have a magnetic field) when there was no permanent magnetic field. But this is not to be feared, if one assumes the knowledge of past pole shifts.
Intensive is also reported on the impact on wildlife, their navigation is the Earth's magnetic field dependent

Those who want to know more of the operations both in the cosmos and on earth can do this on the NASA Science here.
The figure below presents again the main effects are:



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